Elana Marsden

ALL IN THE FAMILY                                 

I started playing Scrabble with my grandma on weekends probably from age eight or nine.  She was merciless, never letting me win.  But I enjoyed the game anyway, and once I got to Israel started playing regularly with a friend.  We talked about going to the Scrabble Club but never got round to it.  When she left the country and I was left without a Scrabble partner, I plucked up courage and came along one evening.

One of the first things that struck me about the Club were numbers:  first, I’d never realized that Scrabble scores could reach so high; and, second, not being a spring chicken myself, I’d never expected to bring down the Club’s average age down by several years.  The second was how nice everyone was — people coming up and speaking to me and assuring me they weren’t a scary bunch of people.  It hasn’t taken long for Tuesday nights to become sacrosanct. When planning vacations, I always make sure I’m missing minimal Tuesday nights.  As for special times?  I guess personally, a score of 485 with three bingos stands out. Generally?  I like it when people share their family celebrations with the Club, making everyone part of the Scrabble family!