Aryeh Wetherhorn


Here’s a story from the days before we used clocks.  It was during the Club’s second season, when we were at the Windmill Hotel, and I was playing Barry Chamish, a future five-time Club champion.  I had a large lead and Barry was trailing, spending a long time each turn looking for a bingo play. Time ran on, a third of the tiles were still unplayed, and Sam told us to finish the game.  Barry, however, continued searching for his elusive — and ultimately nonexistent — bingo. Sam’s patience ran out and he halted the game.  My score was 266 and Barry’s was 169 — his lowest ever at the Club!



[It turns out to be no coincidence that Elazar fields so strong a Scrabble team]

 For three years before the Jerusalem Scrabble Club was founded, Moshav Elazar ran an annual Scrabble tournament.  Zev Kesselman, a future Jerusalem Club and National Champion, won it the first year, and I won it the second year.  With the creation of the Club, we came instead to Jerusalem, and limit our Elazar Scrabble to Shabbat afternoons.  Zev, Madeline [Wetherhorn], David Litke and myself are the regulars, with occasional guests like Roz Grossman and Alice Jonah.