Message from the Webmaster

Updated 2016 December 4

Dear fellow JSCrabblers,

As you may (and hopefully) have noticed, we have been working continually on the SOJSC website to improve the site’s usefulness, usability, aesthetics … and fun. Please make sure to check out the following:

  • Highlights: anecdotes and observations from each session
  • Standings as of the previous week’s play
  • Club Play: Rules, etiquette, and more
  • Players: A roster of current Club players, as well as tributes to those who were instrumental in buiding the Club and those who have passed away
  • Facts: A variety of statistics (several pages) and BUNgos!
  • Creative: A selection of prose, poetry and pablum from our prodigious players!
  • Media: Press clippings about the Club

We hope you like these changes, and welcome your feedback. Please see the Contacts page. You may also mail me directly at this address.

Thanks … keep on Scrabbling!

JSG@JSC — Josh Goldberg, Webmaster