Message from the Club Director

Welcome! You’ve found your way to the website of the world’s largest Scrabble club.

First, a Scrabble quiz: How many seven-letter words can you find in this string of letters: AEINRST? (Answers below.)

It’s not everyday you get to read about a group of wonderful and dedicated Scrabble players who have made our club a Jerusalem mainstay for 33 years. Founded by former Canadian Sam Orbaum, of blessed memory, our club has seen nearly 2,000 players at our tables, playing and socializing. Every Tuesday evening, around 50 of us get together to play three games and catch up with friends and fellow players. We love tickling tiles, we love words, we love strategy, we love people and we’d love to meet you. As Sam used to say: “In our club, you don’t need to be good; you just need to be nice.”

This brief questionnaire will show you whether you have what it takes to play in our club:

1. Do you like people?
2. Do you like word games?
3. Do you like to have fun?

If you answered yes to all three, you’re in! Looking forward to meeting you…

David Litke