Tribute to David Spolter

There was a man who didn’t falter
When told he was to play Spolter;
He was truly courageous,
But Spolter’s outrageous
And that man went down to defeat!

There was someone who felt like a winner
And was sure he’d eat Spolter for dinner;
But fate played some pranks
And gave Spolter both blanks,
So this brave hero got beat…

There was another who tried hard to wangle
Sweet victory, but got into a tangle;
“Is it I before E… or E before I?
Oh what the heck — I’ll get it a try!”
But couldn’t accomplish the feat.

Let’s join in a tribute to Spolter,
Who’s scored high as any pole-vaulter;
We’ve now understood,
He’s just too darn good,
And the fact is, to play him’s a treat!!