Tuesday Night at the Club

The pairings are done
There are games to be won,
Bingos lurk on my rack out of sight…
Now it’s into the fray
Where’s that mind-boggling play?
…That’s how it goes Tuesday night.

Oy! No word can I find,
I’m falling behind —
Now is the time to be bold.
I keep my face stone
And put down a phony.
Oh heck, my opponent shouts: “Hold!”

These tiles are just foul,
I can’t pick a vowel ¬—
To the bag all seven must in go.
All joy and all thanks!!
I’ve picked Ss and blanks
That will surely add up to a bingo!

I watch the clock tick
As the last tiles I pick.
Hurray! They’re the ones that I seek!
Unless his play blocks
And the board down he locks,
I’ll surely get Word of the Week!!