Scrabble Highs

A many splendour’d thing indeed
Exciting, creative — like a dose of ‘speed.’
The importance of the word,
Which sometimes is absurd,
Just take a look
In the awesome wordbook.
If it’s there, you’re OK,
If not, the penalty you pay.
You forfeit a turn
But from this, you learn…

Rack management and strategy
Are really quite essential,
And superior word knowledge
Is indeed consequential.
Much learning is required,
Your really have to be inspired
To desire to contend
With word-lists without end.

The game is really full of tricks,
An absorbing and mind-boggling mix.
There are hooks and power tiles
And moves that are bold.
The intricacies of the game
Are quite manifold…
Scrabble is an opiate for all,
You forget your troubles — away they fall.
Your mind is on words and ways to score,
Your whole being absorbed — to the very core.