Standings and highlights


Updated league Standings are posted on here each week, as well as in the traditional way: hard-copy, thumb-tacked to a corkboard at the Club, along with each player’s average score. Players can track where they are and where their competition currently stands — who’s on a winning streak, who’s in a slump, who’s closing in on whom, and who’s encroaching on which records.

Highlights of the previous session

Along with the Standings comes a short director’s report here. This report includes anecdotes and statistics from the previous session, such as:

  • WOWs (Words of the Week): the best words played and those who played them
  • PHOWs (Phonies of the Week): the “best” illegitimate words played, and the swindlers who got away with playing them
  • For each division: the high winning score, high losing score and high triple scores
  • Squeaker (tightest games)

It’s the forum for analyses and news, both Scrabble and social, anecdotes, quirks and quiddities (perhaps not the best word, but the alliteration is nice).