Etiquette: a happy club 

We are a large and noisy club, but our meetings are usually friction-free because, in addition to the rules of Scrabble, we observe certain rules of behavior. See the NASPA Code of Conduct.


  1. Please keep talking (and other distractions, like tapping on the table or gesturing) to a minimum while the pairings are being called and (especially) during play. Remember that others may be playing even if your game has ended.
  2. Legitimate reasons for talking during games include:
    • Stating or querying a score
    • Announcements related to challenges: hold, an actual challenge, release of a hold, and the results of the adjudication
    • Identifying a blank played

We are somewhat lenient about talking with newcomers who may need clarifications during play.

With the Club as much a social event as a Scrabble event, the talking etiquette is frequently forgotten — particularly by players who have completed their game. If another player abruptly tells you to “Can it!” don’t take offense… just do as suggested and can it! 🙂

Mobile phones and other electronics:  Mobile phones should, of course, be off or on silent.  All calls, including emergency calls, should be taken outside the playing room.

Scrabble supplies:  The Club has limited supplies of boards, racks, tiles and clocks for players who don’t bring their own. Please return everything you borrow neatly to the Club cabinet before you leave. And please return chairs to where they belong. The Club is run entirely by volunteers, whose job should not include cleaning up after you …

Seating:  The table closest to the entrance is used by the Club administration for registering players. Other than that, there are no formally reserved places. Having said that, some members are used to sitting in their “regular” seats….

Eating:  The library does not allow eating in the playing room; we are requested to eat in the hallway outside. The hallway is also where members sponsor light refreshments (כִּבּוּד) to celebrate milestones with Club members (from a first 600+ score to a son’s bar mitzvah) — coordinating in advance with the Club director. Sponsors are responsible for cleaning up what they bring and bagging the trash.

Basic courtesy:  While the rules of Scrabble don’t require this, please consider reminding a forgetful opponent to hit the clock following his or her play.