Divisional Play, Pairings and Seasons


Regular club players are grouped into three divisions.

  • Division A comprises the Club’s top 16 players (in steady state). Most Division A players are quite competitive and experienced. There average scores per game typically range from 380 to 420.
  • Division B1 is made up of 24 strong mid-range players.  Average scores in this division typically range from 350 to 390.
  • Division B2 comprises the remainder of the regular players. They are typically less competitive and experienced than the players in Divisions A and B1, and their approach toward the game is generally more easy-going. Players in this division typically range from 290 to 350.

Infrequent (including one-time) visitors to the club, and new players having played fewer than 12 games, appear separately in Division C (Visitors Division).

The Club Director has ultimate discretion on assignment of players to divisions.

Seasons, Points and Standings

  • Each Club season consists of 25 sessions.
  • Each session consists of 3 games.
  • Certain players may be asked to play vs. two opponents in a given game, typically to compensate for an odd number of players within a given division. The player may refuse the request.
  • In all cases, the maximum number of games any player may play per season is 75 (3*25).


  • All Club play is one on one.
  • Pairings for each game are decided and called by the Club Director or someone else designated to do so.
  • The main objective of the pairings is to try to even out the number of times each player opposes each other player in his/her division. In addition, a limited number of pairings will be announced between:
    • One player in Division A and the other in Division B1
    • One player in Division B1 and the other in Division B2

Points and Standings

  • A player earns
    • Three points for each game won
    • One point for each game tied
    • Minus one point for each game lost
  • Examples of the above, using “win-tie-loss” notation:
    • WWW: +9 points
    • WWL / WLW / LWW: +5 points
    • WLL / LWL / LLW: +1 point
    • LLL: -3 points
    • WWT: +7 points
    • WWWW: +12 points
  • At the end of each season, the winner of each division is the player with the highest number of points (in that season only).
    • In case of a tie, the highest game win/loss percentage is used as the next criterion for determining the divisional winner.
    • If there is still a tie, the average number of points per game is used to break the tie.
    • And if there is still a tie, look out the window: you can bet that משיח has arrived!

Divisional Promotions and Demotions

At the end of each season:

  • The two lowest-standing players in Division A are demoted to Division B1,  replaced by:
    • The winner of Division B1
    • The winner of the Division B1 playoff — see below
  • The two lowest-standing players in Division B1 are demoted to Division B2,  replaced by:
    • The winner of Division B2
    • The winner of the Division B2 playoff


  • The second promotion from in Divisions B1 and B2, respectively, is decided by a 3-game round-robin playoff among the players who finish the season in second through fifth places.
  • All playoff games are played at the beginning of the following season, and count in that season’s standings. (Due to absences, this may take more than one session.)

Club Championship

  • In Division A, the first-place finisher competes in a best-of-five series for the Club Championship.
  • His or her opponent is the winner of the 3-game round-robin playoff among the 2nd-through 5th-place finishers in Division A.
  • The round-robin games and the Club Championship playoff are played at the beginning of the following season, and count in that season’s standings. (All of this will take two or more sessions.)