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Hilites (Wk 17 of 25 – 7/21/15)

Attendance remained steady this past week with 44 players. Thank you to Wendy for running the session and for handling the pairings in Lee’s absence. Welcome back to Vivian Gordon.

In Div. A, David S increased his lead over 2nd-place Wendy to 17 pts, while Zev slipped to 3rd place.   Rounding out the top 5 spots are Hazel & Ron. Currently in danger of relegation are Taffy & Jonathan. In Div. B1, Rita pulled into a tie with Liran. Rounding out the top 5 are Yehuda, Ami & Bernard. Currently in danger of relegation are Susan & Elana M. And in Div. B2, Rose kept her 6-pt lead, but we have a new 2nd-place pursuer, Joan B, while Ruth O was absent. Rounding out the top 5 spots are Ruth O, Cecily & Paul.

      66/17, Stats of the week:

      Attendance: 44

      High Triple: 1403 (Rita, 518-497-388), 1370 (Dahlia, 524-480-366)

      High Games: 524 (Dahlia), 518 (Rita)

      High Losing Scores: 402 (Mia), 394 (Judy M)

      High Combined Score: 865 (Dahlia 524–Ami 341), 849 (Steve 447-Mia 402)

      Squeaker of the Week: Judy M 372 – Ros 371, Steve 365 – Wendy 364

3W: David S, Aryeh & Rita.

WOW: SOUVEnIR (Shirley), BLOwUPS(David S)….. RUNNERSUP: ENVELOPS(Pamela), APOSTLE (Rita), HUMERUS (Judy S), CENtRIST (Jonathan).

PHOW: DEMISEC (Ami), QUORA (Aryeh), TRUCKIST (Nechama), TEASINGS (Nechama), UNFLOWN (Judy M).