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Hilites (Wk 3 of 25 – 10/7/14)

We’re now in week 3 of season 65 and things have settled into the usual routine, but the chagim aren’t over yet.  The next club session is 21 October after Succot.  Attendance was 42 players in the last session.  Thanks to Wendy for running the session and to Lee for handling the pairings.

In Div. A, David S. holds a slim 1-pt over 2nd-place Wendy.  Rounding out the top 5 spots are Chani, Hazel & Mia. In Div. B1, Queene’s lead over 2nd-place Taffy is 5 pts. Rounding out the top 5 spots are Alice, Pamela & Susan.  And in Div. B2, Peggy jumped into the lead by 7 pts over 2nd-place Judy M. & Paul.  Rounding out the top 5 spots are Sara & Judy S.

      65/3, Stats of the week:

      Attendance: 42

      High Triple: 1393 (David S, 568-435-390), 1280 (Steve, 476-420-394)

      High Games: 568 (David S), 541 (Josh)

      High Losing Scores: 435 (David S), 389 (Hazel)

      High Combined Score: 892 (Josh 541–Jonathan 351), 875 (Dahlia 440-David S. 435)

      Squeaker of the Week: Dahlia 440 – David S 435

3W: Wendy, Steve, Yehuda, Shirley & Peggy.

WOW: CRISTAE (Josh), DISiNTER (David S)….. RUNNERSUP: METTLES (Cilla), PAGINATE (Alice), UNDERDID (Alice), MISQUOTED (Miranda), MIDLINE (David S), EIDETIC (David S), HAGGIS (Steve), INFIDEl (Josh), rIBBONED (Josh), CHORALES (Shirley), RIVERBED (Joel).