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Hilites (Wk 4 of 25 – 4/20/15)

A non-Tuesday session this week (Yom HaZikaron).   Despite that, we still had 44 players attending. Thank you to Lee for handling the pairings.

In Div. A, Steve maintained his lead 4-pt lead over 2nd place David S. Rounding out the top 5 spots are Josh, Roger & Zev. In Div. B1, Liran has a 5-pt lead over 2nd place Shirley. Rounding out the top 5 are Ros, Pamela & Elaine. And in Div. B2, Elana B & Judy S matched each other, maintaining a tie for first. Rounding out the top 5 spots are Rose, Joan B & Cecily.

      66/4, Stats of the week:

      Attendance: 44

      High Triple: 1301 (Dahlia, 507-449-345), 1278 (David S, 486-475-317)

      High Games: 554 (Liran), 551 (Rose)

      High Losing Scores: 410 (Jonathan), 408 (Wendy)

      High Combined Score: 851 (Zev 472–Joel 379), 836 (Steve 456-Ron 380)(Dahlia 507-Aryeh 329)

      Squeaker of the Week: Evelyn 315 – Joan B 314

      Ties: Josh 385 – Rena 385

3W: Dahlia, Shirley, Pamela, Bernard, Yehuda, Elana B & Judy S.

WOW: ATROCITY (Mia), ENTOMBS (Joan B)….. RUNNERSUP: ANECdOTE (Steve), OVERsEA (Dahlia), TOOTSIe (Judy M), ENNOBLES (Josh), ARCSINE (Josh), READOUT (Rena), DEMONISe (Jonathan).

PHOW: REQUOTE (Paul), WARzONE (Elana M), ACHINGS (Rena), UNREAPED (Aryeh), REfLOUR (Judy S), UNSTORE (Judy S), PRATTED (Pamela).