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Director: David Litke, 050-535-1800, david_sojsc@yahoo.com 

   Season 70:  Week 21 of 25 – 12/09/2017


  • To track or not to track? Alice has long been among the track-nots, but her game this week against Taffy has, she says, pushed her over the divide. Considering her rack A-E-G-R-S-U- ?, she saw that  SUGARED went down nicely for 66, but ARGUERS scored one point more.  ARGUERS it was, with the A placed to the immediate right of a double-word-score square.  No-Track-Alice had clean forgotten the Z was un-played.  Worse yet, it was on Taffy’s rack, nestling alongside Q, U and I.  QUIZ both put the Q on a double-letter score and doubled the word-scores of QUIZ and ZA, racking up 86 points.  § In Rena’s game against Wendy, things went in the other direction.  Rena is a tracker.  She saw that A would make a great hook to her bingo, STEROID, which began one column away from the triple-word-score lane — and her track showed there were still two As unseen.  One was with a blithely unaware Wendy.  Rena picked the other to play CRAG/ASTEROID for 33 and take a close game by 20 points.  § Pini was in top form for his penultimate Club session, before leaving for London and an Art History degree at the Courtauld Institute.  He played four bingos in a single game — one of them (the nine-letter TOTTERING) round an existing –IN- on the board.  Together with the Club, Pini invites us all to raise a glass before play next week, both in farewell and to toast the New Year.  Please come by 7.10 pm. §  Next week’s Rosh HaShana l’chayim follows an elegant spread laid on this week by Pamela, celebrating with us 61 years of marriage and 81 years of life.  By Club standards, she’s a mere youngster.  § Scrabble School attendees, looking for ‘best plays’ in a dummy game this week, between them turned up bingos on most racks — from MISWRITE to RIVERMAN.  (While AIRWOMAN is in our dictionary, RIVERWOMAN is not.  Nor is LANDWOMAN though the dictionary has no problem with LANDMAN.  Gender discrimination or the dictionary’s usual eccentricity?)  §  Scrabble School will not meet next week.   In its place, a two-pager explaining Quackle — the online Scrabble game, word-finder and analysis tool — is being circulated to the Club email listing. 

WWW:  DavidS, Aviva, Pamela, Elaine, Pini, Rose

WOW:  FRACTURE(Asher),  FONDUES((Kim),  aBsENCE(Queene)

PHOW: None reported

Stats (high win, high loss, high triple):
A:    498(DavidS), 371(Peta), 1329(DavidS)

B1:  476(Shirley), 384(Rita), 1226(Elaine)

B2:  424(Rose), 321(Marilyn), 1108(Rose)

100-pt plays:

DavidL:       ORGANIZE, 107,   tws

Attendance: 34