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Hilites (Wk 25 of 25 – 9/16/14) 

Season 64 is now history.  Next week, we’ll start playoffs as well as the first week of Season 65.  Attendance dropped a bit this week, we still had 41 players.  Thanks to Wendy for running the session and to Lee for handling the pairings. Mazal Tov to Zev & Lee Kesselman who provided refreshments in honor of their first grandson’s recent marriage.

Divisional races are now over.  David S. is the winner of seasonal play in Div. A.  He will await the winner of the playoffs to see who will face him for the Club Championship. Playoff contenders are Zev, Ron, Wendy & Hazel, who edged out Steve by 1 pt for the final playoff spot. Roz & Ami will move down to Div. B1 to make room for two new players in Div. A.  In Div. B1, Joel is the seasonal winner, and will move back into Div. A for Season 65.   Playoff contenders for the 2nd promotion spot are Alice, Pamela, Elaine & Nechama.  Moving to Div. B2 are Judy M. & Judy S., making room for two new players from Div. B2. And in Div. B2, May overtook leader, Sara, to win the seasonal play & earn promotion to Div. B1.  Playoff contenders for the 2nd promotion spot are Sara, Lesley, Elana B. & Paul.

      64/25, Stats of the week:

      Attendance: 41

      High Triple: 1360 (David S, 509-470-381), 1327 (Jonathan, 535-457-335)

      High Games: 535 (Jonathan), 509 (David S)

      High Losing Scores: 405 (Steve), 391 (Chani)

      High Combined Score: 842 (David S 470–Mia 372), 824 (Ron 419-Steve 405)

      Squeaker of the Week: Ada 302 – Cecily 298

3W: David S, Hazel, Roger, Rena, Alice, Judy M., May & Bernard.

WOW: OOMIAkS (Hazel), RANKLESS (Aryeh)….. RUNNERSUP: SADISTs (Jonathan), IONIZES (Steve), URANITES (Joel), RETEAMED (Josh), DICTiONS (Josh), PADRONES (Rita), CROWERS (Paul), MAILLOT (Hazel), ADJUrING (Jonathan), ADMIRAL (Roger), GUILTilY (Roger), LOGGIAS (Hilda), REDOLENT (Pamela), CoRRELATION (Sara), TAURINES (Ami), OVERAGED (Ami).