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Season 67: Highlights, Wk 19 of 25 – 09/02/2016

More new faces this week: a warm welcome to first-timers Eva Katz, Penina Tarlow, Ruth Ben Ari and Yaakov Friedman. And a warm welcome back to Lorna Katz, one of several popular overseas regulars, who play in the Club whenever they are in Israel.  ► They chose a good debut week: Miranda Saltz treated the Club to a feast of fruit in honor of her grandson’s bar mitzvah.  ►Maybe it was the fruit.  Something certainly set Shmuel on fire (and it was Queene who got burned…).  By his third play, he had 270 points, though he slowed down after that to finish his game with a score 583! ► Marilyn Rosen won two of three, her first ever wins at the club… ►We also hosted Wall Street Journal Israel correspondent Sara Toth Stub, who came not to play but to hear from players for the Journal’s ExPat blog ( www.wsj.com/expat ).  If we find the Wall Street Journal impressive, it seemed that Sara was equally impressed with our Scrabble — though she didn’t specify if it was Scrabble skills, Scrabble devotion or Scrabble mania…        ► Our Club already has a name in international blogs:  Jim Pate of the Palo Alto Scrabble Club gives us several entries in his column, Some New Terms Used In Scrabble® Crossword Game Play.   ►One is BONKER, which he notes was coined by Steve Goldberg , Zev Kesselman and David Litke. Jim defines it as a word made valid when a letter is added to a phony to make it legal, such as BONKER (phony) becoming a legal BONKERS with an S.  ► Another JSC entry is BUNGO (a bungled bingo), “coined by Zev and popularized by Steve.” This is when a player wrongly declares the blank, making a legal word a phony. ► A third is a FOXEN, coined by DavidL, a phony created from a valid word, memorably inaugurated by native Israeli Yehuda Meroz, when he put his F on the front of OXEN. ►A few weeks later, Rumanian-born Mia Pincu ז”ל made an (equally unsuccessful) attempt with MIXEN.

(See https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/pa-scrabble/conversations/messages/100  for the Jerusalem Club’s contributions to Jim Pate’s list {end of page 3}, and many more.)

WWWW: Chani   WWW:  Hadassah, Dahlia, Zev, Cilla, Madeline, Shmuel, Susan, Paul, Peggy



Stats (high win, high loss, high triple):

A:    561 (Chani),  403 (Peta),  1445(Zev)

B1: 583(Shmuel), 415(Bernard), 1384(Shmuel)

B2: 454 (Peggy), 351 (Evelyn), 1169 (Peggy)

High Combined Score: 932 (Chani 561, Steve 371)

Squeaker: Shirley 351, Gordon 350

100-pt plays:

131 – Madeline: GLOOMIER, a 3×3 (same score two weeks in a row!)

131 – Chani: REARINGS, a 3×3

106 – Shmuel: RHOMBOID, a 2×2

100 – Yehuda: SWIMMER

Attendance – 54