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Hilites (Wk 8 of 25 – 11/18/14)

This week we had 43 players attending. Welcome to first-time visitor, Yaala Gross. Thank you Wendy for running the session and to Lee for handling the pairings.

In Div. A, we have a new leader, Chani, who jumped two places with a 4W performance.  1 pt back in 2nd is Wendy.  Rounding out the top 5 spots are David S, Aryeh & Hazel. In Div. B1, leader Taffy saw her lead over 2nd-place Queene decrease to 3 pts. Rounding out the top 5 spots May, Pamela & Cilla.  And in Div. B2, Peggy & 2nd-place Cecily paced each other with the gap at 14 pts.  Rounding out the top 5 spots are Judy M, Judy S, & Paul.

      65/8, Stats of the week:

      Attendance: 43

      High Triple: 1442 (Chani, 503-476-463), 1304 (Ron, 457-452-395)

      High Games: 503 (Chani), 485 (Elana B)

      High Losing Scores: 402 (Aryeh), 395 (Ron)

      High Combined Score: 892 (Chani 503–Liran 389), 849 (Elana 485-Steve 364)

      Squeaker of the Week: Josh 361 – Ami 355

4W: Chani. 3W: Wendy, Hadassah, May, Shirley, Madeline, Elana B, Evelyn, & Ezra.

WOW: NONE….. RUNNERSUP: HOLSTeR (Judy S), DOWRIES (Rita), CERCIS (Ruth O), STEROIDS (Josh), OCULARS (Wendy), MIAOWING (Jonathan), PANDERER (Aryeh), ACROBAtS (Ami), NeGROID (Jonathan).