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Hilites (Wk 18 of 25 – 7/29/14)

Attendance bounced back up to 48 players this week.  Thanks to David S for running the session AND for juggling the pairings in Lee’s absence.  Next week Tisha B’Av falls on Tuesday, so our session has been rescheduled to Thursday evening.  Please make a note in your calendars.  Welcome back after an extended absence to David L <gasp>, after a shorter absence to Rachelle and after a much shorter absence to Shirley.  Welcome also to first-time visitors, Marsha Caplan and Mordechai Ross. 

In Div. A, David S lost ground to 2nd-place Zev, with the lead now at 8 pts.  Rounding out the top five places are Wendy, Ron & Hazel. Currently in jeopardy of relegation are Roz & Mia. In Div. B1, Joel B increased his lead over 2nd-place Pamela to 20 pts.  Rounding out the top 5 places are Miriam, Alice & Nechama.  Currently in danger of relegation are Judy M. & Joan T. And in Div. B2, May increased her lead over 2nd-place Sara to 10 pts.  Lesley, Nina & Paul round out the top 5 spots.

      64/18, Stats of the week:

      Attendance: 48

      High Triple: 1354 (Hazel, 551-417-386), 1333 (Joel, 471-449-413)

      High Games: 551 (Hazel), 484 (Jonathan)

      High Losing Scores: 416 (Wendy), 411 (Rachelle)

      High Combined Score: 894 (Jonathan 484–Steve 410), 882 (Joel 471-Rachelle 411)

      Squeaker of the Week: David S 397 – Rena 396

      Ties: Taffy 371 – Elaine 371


3W: Zev, Hazel, Liran, Aryeh, Joel, Nechama, Jonathan, Madeline, Cecily & Mordechai.


WOW: ALIQuoTS (Jonathan), LANGUID (Mia)….. RUNNERSUP: BRASSING (Evelyn), MANLESS (Josh), PASSOVER (Pamela), FORMANTS (Joel), SOIrEEs (Evelyn), PRETTILY (David L).


PHOW: REAPINGS (Paul), CORSAGED (David L), BANGLED (Rachelle), CARDIOS (Steve), VIRGAI (Zev), RAIZE (Steve), STARRERS (Aryeh), SMITED (David L).