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Director: David Litke, 050-535-1800, david_sojsc@yahoo.com 

  Final Session, Season 69:  Week 25 of 25 – 28/03/2017


֎  The Club’s 69th season ended this week with the 2,000th person ever to play at its tables walking through the door, unaware he was creating a landmark statistic.  With the Doves,  Aytan and his wife Lyla, brought along by Pamela,  2,001 people have now played a total 128,124 games over 1,925 sessions at the SOJSC. This averages to more than one new player every week, alongside the dozens of stalwarts who have come regularly for upwards of 30 years.  ֎  As a Club, we relish statistics, and our website will shortly be updated to include Season 69.  Josh, (who does the updating), already knows that his personal stats for the season were virtually the same as those for Season 66:  he ended both in 10th place in his division with 32 wins, 29 losses and two ties — though he had the satisfaction of averaging 4.4 points more per game in the later season.  Stats for every player are on the site — wins, losses, ties, high scores, numbers of 500+ and 600+ games and more.  Feel free to explore.   ֎  Still with Josh:  as he and his opponent drew tiles to start their game this week, he quoted the rulebook that whoever draws a blank begins the game.  But…not always so, as it turns out… at a neighboring table, Steve and DavidS were drawing to start their own game, and BOTH of them pulled blanks out of the bag!  

֎ The end of the 25-week season signals divisional playoffs, promotions and relegations…..in A, DavidS had an amazing season, winning 60 games, that is, 5 of every 6 he played, and finished far ahead of the pack.  The contenders to play him for the club championship are playoff qualifiers DavidL, Wendy, Zev and Ron….Joel and Hadassah are relegated to B1 for a little more seasoning. They will certainly be back in A sometime soon. Hadassah managed only a tie with Ami in her final game of the season. Had she found one more point somewhere, somehow, she would have finished ahead of Liran on the strength of winning pct…..In B1, Rena celebrates her return to A with a comfortable finish far ahead of all contenders, a result hardly in doubt since well before the halfway mark of the season….Playoff earners in B1 are Bernard, Rita, Nechama and Elaine. The latter two just squeaked in, past Jonathan and the absent AsherJoanT and Rose are relegated to B2……The B2 division champ is May, who took advantage of Pini’s absence by winning three this week, and she will return to B1. …Playoff contenders in B2 will be Brenda, Cecily, and Yaakov.  Paul will take Pini’s place in the playoffs…..Congrats to all the winners and placers, and to the entire club for another enjoyable and well-attended season.

Here’s what I wrote at the end of season 68, six months ago:   And I must again thank several folks for their help in making my job as director possible. The entire club membership was cooperative, helpful and encouraging at every stage.  In particular, Wendy (highlights and everything else), Lee and Zev (pairings and data management), Josh (website) and Hilda and Taffy (treasurers) were of great help.

Nothing has changed (same-same but different), but I can add to all that Susan’s help as treasurer and those who ran Scrabble School through the season, particularly Chani who has moved into the role of school headmistress.

Thank you all.   David.

WWW:  May, Gordon, Bernard, Nechama, DavidL

WOW:  ATRAZINE(Shmuel),  MORTGAGE(Josh),  LACONIC(Alice),  and 4 words with at least two E’s and a U:  EMEUTES(Queene),  NEUTERS(Rose),  NAUSEATE(Rita),  SUETIER(DavidS)  


Stats (high win, high loss, high triple):
A:    475(DavidS), 432(Chani), 1267(Josh)

B1:  460(Bernard), 419(Queene), 1296(Bernard)

B2:  477, 388, 1210  Brenda,Brenda,Brenda 

100-pt plays:  None

Attendance: 49