Statistics and records

Statistics and records


The JSC maintains computerized records of every game played. Each game record includes the date, season, session, opponents’ names and their scores.

Although computers were not used in the early days, Sam Orbaum Z”L computerized every game record retroactively, and triple-checked the results!

Thanks to these records, it is possible to derive certain statistics. However, this data analysis cannot (yet) performed on demand. Therefore, the validity (freshness) of these statistics depends largely on how easy it is to derive them from the computerized data.
In the best case, these statistics are valid as of the end of the previous season.

If you would like to other statistics published here, please let the Club Director, Content Editor or Webmaster know (click here to see contact information). We will see if we can make that happen!

Conventions for the last two columns of the tables that follow

  • Valid as of season …
    • Number (e.g., 69): The statistic is valid as of the end of the season indicated.
      An asterisk is used to indicate an atypical value
    • blank: The validity of the statistic has not been confirmed.
      It may be possible to do so later.
  • Confirmed?
    • YES: The statistic has been confirmed as the Club record.
    • no: The statistic has not been confirmed as the Club record.
      It may be possible to do so later.


WhatStatWhoWhenValid as of
season ...
Number of seasons6969YES
Number of sessions1,72569YES
Number of games128,21469YES
Number of points90,758,05869YES
Number of individuals who have played2,00169YES
Average game score: all scores combined353.969YES
Average game score: winner391.869YES
Average game score: loser316.169YES
Average game score: tie348.469YES
500+ point games (winning score) 3,583162 different players1503 different sessions69YES
500+ point games (losing score)1David Litke (scored 500)August 28, 201269YES
Proportion of scores that are 500+ points1 in 71.669YES
600+ point games9132 different players69YES
Proportion of games with 600+ point score1 in 2,81969YES
Tie games717262 different players69YES
Proportion of games that end in a tie1 in 17969YES


WhatStatWhenValid as of
season ...
Most individuals playing in a season191Season 169YES
Fewest individuals playing in a season79Season 6069YES
Most 500+ games in a season76Season 2069YES
Most 600+ games in a season6Season 6069YES
Most ties in a season19Season 369YES
Fewest ties in a season4Seasons 6, 1769YES


WhatStatWhenValid as of
season ...
Most 500+ games in a single session8Sessions 561 (March 1, 1994) and 584 (August 9, 1994)69YES


WhatStatWhoWhenValid as of
season ...
Most points in a game1054JJ Jonah - Joan Tsitsianov, 672-382August 16, 199469YES
Games with 1000+ total points6Sam Orbaum - Jonathan Freed, 540-480
JJ Jonah - Joan Tsitsianov, 672-382
David Cohen - Rena Schwartz, 522-481
David Litke - Etta Margalit, 574-435
Dahlia Friedman - Esther Gerber, 516-485
David Spolter - David Litke, 528-500
October 7, 1986
August 16, 1994
March 12, 1996
May 11, 2000
August 20, 2002
August 28, 2012
Fewest points in a game159Dennis Spitzer - Jerome Seltzer, 112-47August 6, 200269YES
Number of games with <400 total points23969YES


WhatRecordWhoWhenValid as of
season ...
Most club championships14David Spolter68YES
Longest winning streak (games)29Rafi SternOctober 25, 2011 (game 3) through January 3, 2012 (game 1)* 60no
Longest undefeated streak (games)29Rafi SternOctober 25, 2011 (game 3) through January 3, 2012 (game 1)* 60no
Average points per game >= 400 (at least 100 games played)456.7Rafi Stern (115 games)69YES
423.7David Spolter (1581 games)69YES
413.0Sam Orbaum (2990 games)69YES
412.0Abba Hydara (108 games)69YES
410.1Shmuel Sussman (270 games)69YES
405.1JJ Jonah (1850 games)69YES
400.6Brenda Cohen (1496 games)69YES
Winning percentage >= 70% (at least 100 games played)88.7%Rafi Stern (115 games)69YES
75.5%David Spolter (1581 games)69YES
72.4%Sam Orbaum (2990 games)69YES
70.9%David Elkins (246 games)69YES
70.6%Shmuel Sussman (270 games)69YES
Most wins3,216Zev Kesselman69YES
2,933Hazel Haberer69YES
2,695Aryeh Wetherhorn69YES
2,427Zelig Leader69YES
2,393Rena Schwartz69YES
Most losses2,317Queene Parnes69YES
2,230Alice Jonah69YES
2,161Ruth Ogdan69YES
2,146Sara Schacter69YES
2,105Madeline Wetherhorn69YES
Most ties28Hadassah Brown69YES
26Alice Jonah, Ruth Ogdan, Zev Kesselman69YES
25Cilla Meroz69YES
24Rena Schwartz69YES
23Hazel Haberer69YES
Most 500+ point games309Sam Orbaum69YES
244Zev Kesselman69YES
199Zelig Leader69YES
179Hazel Haberer69YES
166David Spolter69YES
Most 600+ point games13Sam Orbaum69YES
10JJ Jonah69YES
9Zev Kesselman69YES
6Zelig Leader, David Spolter69YES
4Hazel Haberer, David Litke69YES


WhatRecordWhoWhenValid as of
season ...
Longest winning streak from start of a season15Yaakov HomnickSeason 17: session 1 game 1 - session 9 game 1. (Yaakov also won 17 of the 19 games following his streak.)* 65no
Most points scored in a season33,791David Spolter* 65no
Winningest season63-12Sam Orbaumno
Highest average score in a season (at least nn games played)462.02Rafi Stern* 65no
450.5David Spolter* 65no
Number of seasons with 60+ wins3Sam Orbaumno
2David Spolterno
1Zelig Leaderno
1JJ Jonahno
Most 500+ games in a season18Sam Orbaumno


WhatRecordWhoWhenValid as of
season ...
Highest triple score1703Rafi Stern (666-477-560)December 9, 2007* 66no
Most wins in a session8Roz Grossmanno


WhatRecordWhoWhenValid as of
season ...
Highest score in a single game692Hazel HabererApril 1, 199769YES
Highest margin of victory in a game446Sam Orbaum - JJ Jonah, 653-207January 12, 199369YES
Highest-scoring tie466-466David Litke - Pamela LovalAugust 14, 200369YES
Lowest-scoring tie183-183Ruth Moyal - Esther WagnerNovember 7, 200669YES
Highest losing score500David Litke (lost to David Spolter, 528)August 28, 201269YES
Highest first game score554Marganit Weinberger-RotmanJune 16, 1991* 60no


WhatRecordWhoWhenValid as of
season ...
Most consecutive ties by one player2Etta MargalitMay 17, 1994* 60no