A Toast in Song (Grummen)

You’re like a sheep being led to slaughter
If you get paired with David Spolter;
There’s no way out, there’s no excuses,
He makes the highlights.. when he loses!

Wendy’s great, she’s everyone’s pal
But at the boards, she’s a femme fatale
Here’s an anagram for you, girl:
Every APPAREL contains a PEARL!

David Litke’s still hangin’ on
He’s sometimes here, and sometimes gone;
Missing most of the season’s duration
He returns to avoid his relegation

Roger deals with the moaning and whining
You must admit, his performance is shining
At A-capello he can’t do wrong….
So let’s here Roger’s ‘solo’ singalong

We’re coming now to Wordy Hazel
Whose anagram skills have wide appraisal.
Her word-knowledge is the best in town
Show her a blank, and you’re a bingo down!

Chani must have a lot of vigor,
She comes each week from Petach Tikva
In competitive play, she’s no one’s fool
And I dare you to cross her on NSA rules!

Aryeh’s game is kept afloat
With words of ships and fish and boats.
With Madeline, they catch you unawares
With all the wrong colors on their premium squares.

The club’s co-founder is Sara Schachter
She craves no spotlight, but really who ax’d’er?
She and Sam got this whole club running
And 30 years later, we’re sitting here grumming….